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Why Score Campus now?

Score Campus is not just a personal dream; she is the wish, dream and architectural requests from thousands of students over the years from all over the world. It wasn’t only with educational researchers, school leaders and government officials to build Score Campus. We spoke to one group of people while respecting the goals and ambitions of all the other vested parties. We spoke and listened to the students; our pillars.

Allow us to make friends. Listen to our ideas. Make learning fun, simple and useful for us.

The Students

That was their request and it was not an impossible one, neither was it irresponsible. We respected that request and started our instructional design of the world’s best learning experience and we called her Score Campus.

Learning Philosophy: Learning is a change in behaviour as a result of an experience.

The philosophy was a tough one. In a world where learning was assumed to come from text books, exams and classrooms, we had to figure out behaviour changing methods. Just the kind of challenge we needed. Some tough decisions were made to make learning not just useful, but exciting.

  1. We are building Score Campus for the students of the world. Students from various continents learning together and sharing ideas and values.
  2. Anything and everything besides air, water, food, and the physical touch, can be replicated online.
  3. This will be a space for students and students only and the rest of us are visitors and facilitators.

Score Campus is not just an educational technology firm, but a team that designs learning experiences. Our goal was to create teachable moments. We wanted Score Campus to be the Master Miyagi to the Karate Kid. We wanted Score Campus to be the Fury to the Avengers. We wanted Score Campus to be the Alfred to the Batman. Are you getting the drift?

We wanted Score Campus to be the Home of Superheroes.

Every student is a superhero and every hero have a story. They may not have one now, but they are a part of Score Campus and the journey begins here. The goal of Score Campus was not to focus on the exams as we have the various schools and governments to take care of that. We believed that the learning experience created by Score Campus is so powerful and immersive that our superheroes will shatter the exams and tests asking for more; asking for it to challenge them further.

We dream of a world where the students beat the teacher in every single challenge making us proud and emotional at their strength and success. You say this is a dream, but the revolution has begun. You can sit and watch or you can jump on the wave right now because, we will not wait for you. This ship is ready to sail uniting the students of the world making them Superheroes the world needs.

In the words of our students,

“Score Campus is not everything; IT IS THE ONLY THING.”


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I Trust You – Starts with me

strong relationship starts with trust

Five letter word. People say “I love you” faster than “I trust you”. Maybe it is a matter of perception but man, one has to work hard to earn this so called “TRUST” thing. You just don’t feel complete when you don’t hear it and life seems empty when you don’t feel it. Why is that? Why is this word “Trust” spinning my world and often turning it upside down?

I guess the conditioning starts at a very young age. When we are young, cute and adorable, everything we do seems to be right. I remember people smiling just looking at my chubby face. Well, all that changed when I heard my first “No”. Then another, and another. After a while, doubt creeps in and the foundation of the “Fear of Failure” starts. So, the learning here is that our foundation is not on hard grounds called “Trust” but loose mud called “Doubt”.

We do not look at it as a bad thing when we lose trust in ourselves because too many of us go through it. That’s why when we meet a person who completely has it together, we envy him or want to be like her. But the truth is, no one has it all figured out or at least I don’t trust that there is a single human being who has one hundred percent trust in themselves or the people around them. Ok, now this sucks! Can we change this at all?

Of course we can. Change better be the only constant in our lives, as ironical as that sounds. Living a life of doubt is equivalent to not living at all. We don’t trust and we don’t have trust. Don’t just sit back and let life throw you some eaten up bones. Get up and fight. Fight to trust and fight for trust. We don’t live in a world with just us folks. Whether we like it or not, we have close to 7 Billion others in the world and guess what? They have the same issues we do.

Rise Up! How do you build trust? How do you get some to say “I trust you” to you? Where does it all start? In my humble opinion, it starts with me looking at the mirror, truly believing that I am an awesome person and that I have a purpose in life. It starts with us and as cliched as that sounds, it is true. When we trust ourselves, we open our hearts to allow others to come so that trust expands and replicates.

Yes, of course, you will have your sporadic let downs and it will hurt. Progress is when you trust more than it can hurt you. You build off that. Take baby steps. You got to believe that you can do it and set audacious goals. The kind of goals you know it will to hurt to achieve, and go after it with a vengeance. The more you achieve, the more you trust in you. As you start trusting more in yourself, you start meeting people you can place your trust on.

It is a beautiful cycle when you start feeling it. Oh yes, you will feel it. When you start trusting, you work with a smile and you can sleep peacefully. There you go! Your indicators of trust have also been shared with you.

Life is beautiful when you can share that with beautiful people. But remember, it start with you!

From the Heart of Gabriel Suppiah

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