It is Sad

    It is sad to see what society has become.

    It is sad to see parents chasing after their children exams after exams, grades after grades.

    It is sad to see the conversations at family gatherings become yet another place for added pressure on upcoming exams or discussion on results.

    It is sad to see that children are afraid to face exams, instead of taking them on. It is sad to see that children stop going to parents for exciting conversations, but rather conversations on homework and tuition.

    It is sad to see that children stop being curious and start hating to learn.

    It’s time. It’s time to reflect upon ourselves, as a parent, as a relative, as a parent-friend, as an educator, as a community. Your children start going to school and all the fears and anxiety begin in all of us parents. The sad part is that the kids feel the anxiety and stress too. It starts here and we can make a choice to do things differently right now.

    Parents, we cannot do the same things the same way a thousand times and expect a different result. It’s time to do things differently. Educators, the world is changing rapidly. It's time for us to change too, to prepare our children of today for the world of tomorrow.

    Written by: Sheralin See


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