What’s the difference between reading, writing, learning, and experiencing? The last lesson sticks.


21st Century Skills​


The root skill of Entrepreneurship is an important tool to hone, applicable to everything else that you do. An entrepreneur solves problems, an essential skill when practised long enough becomes a part of your system. ​

Project Managing​

The mastery of the art of persuasion begins with how you look when you walk through the doors. Whether you’re selling a product or interviewing for your next job, being able to present well takes you further than you can imagine. ​

Creativity & Ideation​

Some focus on a solution, and force it on a problem. Others look at a problem and figure out the different ways to help alleviate the problem from users. The latter are usually those who thinking outside the box that they have been given.

World Skills​

Communication. Leadership. Teamwork. Universal skills that will take you to places.

Design Thinking Skills​

The next generation of problem solvers are competent design thinkers; you start with empathy and you end with a working solution.​


Similar to carpentry, knowing how to build in a world that’s filled with technology now is a skill that can help you bridge the gap between problems and solutions.

Critical Thinking​

Logical and rational view on facts, critiquing without judgement, analysing with an open mind. A skill that allows leaders to pick out problems, analysing them objectively and pursue solutions that will help.​


Our Super Gadget​

Future classroom

Learn from anywhere now that missions can be created from anywhere by anyone.

Create Your Own

See something interesting while you're out? Flip it into your very own mission and challenge your friends.

Connect Worldwide

Follow other students from other countries and learn through their missions and responses.

More points Better

Earn points by creating your own missions and responding to others.

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