The Educators

Let's Flip

Mission on the go

Flip anything and everything into a classroom with missions for your students to respond

Game has changed

You can now grade your students' responses in the Private Classroom with your missions.​

Thought Process

Allow your students to share with you what they're thinking and feeling throughout this journey.

Earn Here

The certified Let's Flip Educator can create Master Classrooms which are chargeable from USD $5.99 per class.

Join us as an education Superhero now!

Reasons for this group

Make friends globally

Educators stick together

We can share all our resources

Use tech to teach globally

Constantly learning together

Break barriers in education

Train new breed of Superheroes



Support remote learning connection

An AI powered writing assistant improve what you write, as you write.


One stop remote-teaching solution for Maths.

All Maths teaching tools in one place, from live video lessons, adaptive homework exercises to daily completion reports.

Introduction to Education Superheroes: 20th June 2020, Saturday, 4.30pm (GMT +8)