The Showman


With numerous accolades under his belt; The Great Singapore Replay finalist (2019), NOISE Music Mentorship Programme Winner (2018), and Anugerah Planet Muzik Nominee (2016) Fareez Shah is an experienced performer/actor/singer/songwriter/producer who has been in the media and entertainment industry for close to 10 years. He was also one of the pioneer students of the Score Campus programme in Singapore. Growing up in a single-parent household, this ex-boyband member went through a troubled past and decided that he wanted to get out of the system that he grew up in.

With a B.A. in Mass Communications, Fareez Shah specialises in concept development, content creation and has garnered an extensive network and experience in business development over the years. He might be the new kid on the block in the education field, but he is determined to make a positive impact in the scene as an advocate with a passion for helping the next generation of kids achieve success. He truly believes in the Score Campus mission and coaching system and aims to make a difference in the lives of parents and children from all over the world.

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