The Maverick


What is so unique about Gabriel? Brutal honesty, and the element of unknown and surprise.

This sports freak started off his journey in Navarro College and the University of Oklahoma, getting his hands dirty with machines in engineering. His time in the US changed his life and steered him towards the direction of Corporate Leadership Coaching, where people truly believed that he was the next big thing.
Gabriel rocked the corporate training world for 24 years, taking charge of giants like Amex, Prudential, UOB, CITIBANK, DBS and Microsoft. It came so naturally to him. Whether 5 or 5,000, Gabriel would captivate them and move them with his experience. Human dynamics, Emotional Intelligence and Performance Psychology became his love and he was relentless. He is also trained in NLP, Neuro Semantics, Meta Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line.

But after his work was done with training working adults, Gabriel wanted to build a change in education. He wanted education to be globally unified. A challenge that only he can take on. He knew something was missing in education and the journey began in 2014.

In this process, he created a complete idea of learning and called it SCORECAMPUS. Anyone and everyone has the right to a world class education, and everyone has a natural ability to Score! He travelled, worked with students and educators, spoke to parents, listened to what learners wanted and began building THE DREAM. The Global Learner with the portfolio of the future. There is nothing normal about how Gabriel thinks or works. His idea of education while mind blowing, was revolutionary. He focused on 4 areas when it came to the students:

1.  Know yourself

2. Be an effective learner

3. Find your Passion

4. Find your Purpose Today,

Gabriel is a decorated educator, founder of Score Campus, Creator of Let’s Flip the authentic learning app and a book titled “2 endings”. When asked what inspires him? His answer is not what but who; Reuben and Keisha.

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