Which Superhero are you?

"Even superheroes need to know how to be efficient and effective!"

Here's How

Step 1 Rediscover:

1. What you like
2. Your strengths & weakness
3. The help you need
4. Your targets for the year

Being self-aware is the first step towards being a superhero!

Step 2

1. Your daily goals
2. Your weekly to-dos
3. Your monthly objectives & Track ‘em

A plan is only as good as the actions you have taken; be accountable for your own goals!

Step 3

1. Your favourite past time
2. Exercise Time
3. Family Time
4. Relax Time

This will alleviate the stress you’re facing, and help you manage your anxiety levels.

Step 4 :

Join the virtual school for superheroes! The space for students to connect and make friends. The platform where ideas are shared and heard. The place where learning is fun, simple and useful. Students are now the heroes of their own stories!

Enter scorecampus.com Virtual School

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You selected


Your Competencty:

You’re a highly meticulous superhero who analyses situations and strive to solve the world’s problems! There is nothing that can stop you from your path towards what you deem as your success.

Because of your love for the artificial intelligence (Jarvis), both Scribo and Cerebry are part of your arsenal! The AI engines for English and Math are two of your best friends that you enjoy using.

Your Gadgets:

Your Training Skills:

Iron Man is best at putting solutions together to solve problems; sometimes he lacks the skills to manage his time well, as well as managing his stress and anxiety levels.

You selected

Black Widow

Your Competencty:

You're a fighter through and through. No one, and nothing, can stop you from going for whatever you have set your mind to. You are clear on your goals and will fight for it! You are fiercely loyal to the people you care about, most importantly, yourself.

Black Widow is great at many things, but always striving to improve in what she feels is lacking. There is no doubt that a hero like her would simply sit at home and wait for the next fight to happen.

Your Gadgets:

Your Training Skills:

Right now, the two skills that you could be working on are Speed Reading (bring it up to 1000wpm) and Retrieval Technique, for when you need to recall evidence after interrogating your suspects!

You selected

The Hulk

Your Competencty:

You're a quiet, thoughtful person with a massively strong alter ego like the Hulk. You use your strength to conquer every battle, and you let nothing stand in your way. (Not that anything can!)

The genius in you loves your gadgets, Scribo and Cerebry. You'll be caught practising on them even when everyone has told you to stop. The AI generated software intrigues you everyday as they pick out your errors and lets you know what to work on.

Your Gadgets:

Your Training Skills:

The two ways to keep our dear Hulk at bay is to train with some Stress & Anxiety Exercises coupled with a good Speed Reading training session.