The Athlete


Academic results are the outcome of your attitude towards learning”, Ira Atiqah is an athlete who understands the importance of tenacity, grit and team work. Sports has been an essential part of her life; where she learned important values which ultimately shaped her to be the person she is today. This ex-national netball player believes that lessons do not only happen in within the four walls, which propelled her to continue educating student-athletes through coaching.

Ira is also an advocate of holistic development. The emphasis on academic results is something she disagrees with. Ira has a vision for a report card called “SCORE CARD”, where the student’s academic results is not the center of attention.

Self-Awareness, World Skills and Emotional Intelligence are some examples of what is shown on the Score Card. These are the components that Ira believes are more important than results and these are what parents should be focused on. Ira is determined to make this a benchmark in Singapore’s education system, to inspire kids to be the best version of themselves.
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