The Young Padawan


A caring, genuine and loving individual who doesn’t believe in the term “Curiosity kills the cat”. Kenny Wong lives and breathes Score Campus. Kenny has been through the rough motions of the Singapore education system. From failing in secondary school, to being at the top of his class in ITE (4.0 GPA), his never say die attitude has been a valuable asset that has helped him to achieve success. With each milestone bringing him closer to realising his dreams of becoming a pilot.

This 3D-Modelling enthusiast also loves the outdoors and travelling, and looks forward to exploring his curiosities through immersing himself in foreign cultures and continents.

At just the tender age of 17, Kenny is set to lead the next generation of coaches, with a goal to help other students come alive and realise their fullest potential. It might be a long road ahead for this young disciple, but with his admirable work ethic and character-profile, Kenny will be an inspiration for the young leaders of the future.

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