Science Experiments | 7-11 years old

27th November


Science Experiments

Fun! Well, that’s the one word that comes to everyone when we talk about experiments. Children who are not in love with science will also love this camp as they get to explore this magical world, first hand, not through a textbook but practical life. During the one day experience, the children will put all the science they have been studying into practical use. We do not buy kits from the store and tell the kids to use them, that can be done at home. Classroom without walls Science camp, ignites the curiosity to understand how things in the world happen. As simple as they sound, a simple thing, how are the fancy drinks at Starbucks created? Yes, they have a machine to do that, but the machine has been fed by a human who was curious about science.

The main takeaways from this camp are:
  • Putting the thinking cap on
  • Team building skills
  • Leadership skills
This year our main project will be building a portable aircon with no electricity. Sounds impossible right? But your kids will show you how it is done.

Event Details

Date: 27th November 2020 
Time: 10am – 6pm
Price: $150 SGD
Inclusive of lunch and snacks at Score Campus.
228 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574360


Dave | 9040 2225

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