The Machine


Athletic, dynamic, loving, caring, thoughtful, mindful and responsible, these are only some of the adjectives students use to describe Rahul Dave. This amazing athlete has been a formidable force in the education scene and has worked with over 3000 students in life coaching.

Dave struggled in the Singapore education system during his younger years, but, through his resilience, he broke through barriers and made his way to Australia to graduate with a Marketing Management Degree.

When Dave puts his mind to a cause, you can count it done and it is this attitude that he brings to the learning community of the world.

Dave has found a method to bring respect to the field of teaching. He is excited to share with the world how he works with teachers. With students, it is all about bringing them to be the top 1% in the world. They need to tap into their creative minds and be excited for their future instead of sticking to a routine life. He wants to inspire not only the kids in India and Singapore, but also around the world.


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