From the Desk of Gabriel Suppiah

    Superman, Ironman, Thor, Wonderwoman, Batman, Scarlet Witch and many more superheroes are fictional characters by Marvel and DC. Their stories are featured on the television, magazines and the big screen. That is our reality. A superhero is fictitious!

    There is a Superhero in you. Before you realise that, you got to say, “Enough is Enough”.
    Before you realise that, you need to get out of that slavery to education mindset.
    Before you realise that, you need to drop that “I can’t” attitude and start believing that you are important in this world.

    Before you realise that, you need to look at the people you love and respect and let them know that you are born for more.

    This is about you; the Superhero in you!
    For way too long, a child’s life is defined by grades and what they achieve in the various classes. Even if that is considered ok, the mental stress and anxiety a child goes through that goes unnoticed or neglected is an even bigger crime.

    There are crimes everywhere when it comes to children.
    1. We do not allow them to express
    2. We define what they can and cannot do
    3. We do not allow them to Metamorphosize
    4. We do not allow them to create
    5. We do not challenge them
    6. We do not allow them to get hurt
    7. We do not allow them to grow
    Of course the defensive parents and educators will be up in arms by now ready to stone me to death, but let me share something with you. I am a parent and I am making the same mistakes just like anyone else.

    I want to play a role of a good parent in this extremely stressful world of today. I don’t want to be an extended version of a teacher, tutor, coach, counsellor or anything overly structured. I just want to be a parent and inspire my kids with my love for them and the passion I have for why I do what I do! This means we need enablers! We need the Alfreds’ of the world, the Happys’ of the world and the Nick Furys’ of the world to help us out. This is where the educators RISE UP as enablers.

    It is time. Life is more than grades. Life is about values and these values are shaped by powerful experiences; teachable moments. Our kids look more depressed and defeated then ever before. We can end this. We will form our halls of justice and from the ashes of defeat will rise a new breed of Superheroes; Education Superheroes.

    They will conquer good over evil; the ultimate learners of what is needed to make this world a better place. They will smile and they will laugh, and we will, alongside them, proud that we have played our role as parents to the best of our ability.

    Everything important and necessary will sound impossible to achieve and the voices of uncertainty and defeat will creep into us too. This is where we dig into OUR inner superhero and make a decision to Change, EVERYTHING!

    Welcome to the new world of Education Superheroes!

    From the Desk of Gabriel Suppiah


  • Who is an Education Superhero

    Being an education superhero starts with yourself. Taking the first step of being self-awareness and evaluating what you think you are worth. For a start, in this article I will speak about the 2 elements that needs to figured out by every individual. That is to define your success and happiness. I will elaborate on this later on.

    For adults, the common saying is you should not ‘live to work’ which has become a common thought amongst kids as well. Their thoughts about life is to, ‘live to study’. My take, is both age groups should be changing their mentality about work and study. Focus on yourself and inspire people, inspire the world, regardless of which stage you are in life. As adults, do not follow through life complaining and dreading things that you do not like to do. The kids of today, will listen to you and follow as well. That is how the habit starts. There are many things we can learn from kids. I will get to that in my future articles.

    Now, you have chosen that you want to become an education superhero. What do you start with? Start with your own definition of happiness and success.

    Define what makes your happy first. Whether it is your work, something fun that you do, friends, family or anything that directs to you being happy. Different people will various means to find happiness. It is all about feeling self-worth and knowing that you are waking up every day to be on a mission to do something. I can confidently say that when everyone gets to focus on their happiness, they world will be a better place.

    Success–What does it actually mean? That is the second step of being an education superhero after defining one’s happiness. Success is an outcome of the amount effort you put in towards something. As said in happiness, defining your success is determined by yourself on not by others. If you live your life according other people’s dreams and vision, you will continue to live a highly disappointing life. You need to set goals by having a date on when you want to accomplish them and make sure you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else. Quantify your success and you will feel good about yourself.

    My Why of being an Education Superhero

    Every experience I have gone through in life is a lesson that I have learnt from. Whether it is a failure or a positive experience, there is a story to tell. Learning is a change of behaviour as a result of an experience.

    I want to become an education superhero because I have decided to embark on this journey of happiness and success. There is so much that I need to do that will allow the space for me to grow. With my experiences, I want to be an enabler for others to join me on this journey of self-analysis through my coaching.

    My confidence and strength has increased and I will keep fighting to always be the best version of myself. I will continue to live up to my personal values and principles. 

    I am Coach Rahul Dave, and I am an Education Superhero.