From the Desk of Gabriel Suppiah

    Superman, Ironman, Thor, Wonderwoman, Batman, Scarlet Witch and many more superheroes are fictional characters by Marvel and DC. Their stories are featured on the television, magazines and the big screen. That is our reality. A superhero is fictitious!

    There is a Superhero in you. Before you realise that, you got to say, “Enough is Enough”.
    Before you realise that, you need to get out of that slavery to education mindset.
    Before you realise that, you need to drop that “I can’t” attitude and start believing that you are important in this world.

    Before you realise that, you need to look at the people you love and respect and let them know that you are born for more.

    This is about you; the Superhero in you!
    For way too long, a child’s life is defined by grades and what they achieve in the various classes. Even if that is considered ok, the mental stress and anxiety a child goes through that goes unnoticed or neglected is an even bigger crime.

    There are crimes everywhere when it comes to children.
    1. We do not allow them to express
    2. We define what they can and cannot do
    3. We do not allow them to Metamorphosize
    4. We do not allow them to create
    5. We do not challenge them
    6. We do not allow them to get hurt
    7. We do not allow them to grow
    Of course the defensive parents and educators will be up in arms by now ready to stone me to death, but let me share something with you. I am a parent and I am making the same mistakes just like anyone else.

    I want to play a role of a good parent in this extremely stressful world of today. I don’t want to be an extended version of a teacher, tutor, coach, counsellor or anything overly structured. I just want to be a parent and inspire my kids with my love for them and the passion I have for why I do what I do! This means we need enablers! We need the Alfreds’ of the world, the Happys’ of the world and the Nick Furys’ of the world to help us out. This is where the educators RISE UP as enablers.

    It is time. Life is more than grades. Life is about values and these values are shaped by powerful experiences; teachable moments. Our kids look more depressed and defeated then ever before. We can end this. We will form our halls of justice and from the ashes of defeat will rise a new breed of Superheroes; Education Superheroes.

    They will conquer good over evil; the ultimate learners of what is needed to make this world a better place. They will smile and they will laugh, and we will, alongside them, proud that we have played our role as parents to the best of our ability.

    Everything important and necessary will sound impossible to achieve and the voices of uncertainty and defeat will creep into us too. This is where we dig into OUR inner superhero and make a decision to Change, EVERYTHING!

    Welcome to the new world of Education Superheroes!

    From the Desk of Gabriel Suppiah



    I have said this to my son many times. If he is an unhappy child, I have failed as a father and folks, I take this very personally. I have come back to Chennai for my usual traveling educators series and learned about Anita and also the blue whale challenge.

    I feel insulted as an educator. I feel our intelligence and passion are insulted. Time and again, we lose out to negativity and the spreading of it. Let's just spend a minute thinking about why this is happening folks? It is happening because education is associated with negativity. We talk about stressed out students dealing with anxiety and emotional breakdowns and all this for a simple grade.

    Let me ask you something. Is there a law that we are supposed to scare our kids with exams and grades? Is there proof that hours and hours of tuition and coaching classes are the only reasons why students do so well. As educators, is it not a massive slap on the face that our students have to go to other people's classes so that they can do well in exams? Does this not bother us at all?

    You know what folks? I am not saying this to insult our profession and trust me when I say this because, I am one of you. We need to make education lovable and addictive and more importantly, make it a level playing field. It is the difference in standards that led to the death of one of our most intelligent minds. Anita represented hope. Anita represented the true passion behind learning and what it can lead to. We lost an angel and if that does not upset you, most probably nothing will.

    No, this is not about pedagogy or latest methods of learning. It is about love and how it can make learning a level playing field. We are supposed to be the inspiration and I am sure some of us are, but this group needs to get bigger. As I was recovering from the news that we had lost Anita, I heard about the Blue Whale Challenge and how this mad man has got students and adults thinking about torture and even death. Seriously? We are losing out to this idiot? Excuse my language but I am beyond angry right now. We need the confidence and the spirit to rise up to the challenge of making learning lovable again and it starts right now. We have a million tasks to make this world a better place to live in and instead of that, we listen to this clown hiding behind a mask?

    Let us begin a revolution folks and it is a quiet but fun one. Post a video per day on positive learning and make it funny.

    Make sure 10 people smile and share this with all on social media. Tell your students to hug you before class and say "good day" to every one they see. Ask them say thank you to the janitors and security guards of the school and get to know 5 things about them.

    No, learning is not just about subjects; it is beyond walls. Character is the foundation of learning and it brings magic to learning. Let us unleash this character in our students and the grades will automatically go up. It is time for renewal and revival. I can only hope and pray that you are with me on this. Looking forward and welcome to the classroom without walls.

    From the Desk of Gabriel Suppiah

  • Have we lost control of our kids? Is there such a thing?

    I am writing this sitting on a plane with my kids traveling to India for a once in a life time experience. Yes, a traditional Indian wedding is what we are flying to India for. But this is not about that experience but the one we are having on the plane as I write this.

    Well at this stage, I have to introduce myself a little so that the story makes a little more sense to you as we progress. My name is Gabriel Suppiah, and I am a Peak Performance Coach and an educator working out of Singapore. I am known for strict discipline and am recognised striking fear with people I work with, clients, students, parents, my own family and the list goes on (something I am not proud of, but it happens.) So, you have an idea now.

    Now back to the story at hand. My kids and I were seated next to a Mother traveling alone with her two boys. As the plane was about to take off, the boys were really misbehaving. The boys were maybe 3 and 6 in ages. The Mother had lost control and kept threatening the kids using the flight attendant. Her famous ineffective statement of the evening was "you boys better behave and fasten the seat belts before I call the flight attendant". The flight attendant came, tried, and got frustrated not with the kids but with the Mother for having absolutely no control.

    The plane was on the runway getting ready for take off and the boys were still standing on their seats. Even the other passengers were getting worried for the boys . I did not want to be the scary man but this moment really needed Coach Gabe. I turned to my right and in a stern yet gentle voice (not too sure what that really means, but you get the point), I said to the boys, "I need you to sit down right this moment and fasten your seat belts". The boys did exactly that and there was calm  on the plane.

    This entire time, my kids were paying attention to what was happening as well. They were proud that their dad had control of the situation but I saw another expression on their faces. The expression that spoke volumes saying "my dad is a scary man". Do I want this branding? This made me further think about basic manners and discipline. How do we as parents deal with our kids who are ill mannered? Leave it or deal with it. If my observations are right, more people have lost control of their kids or have no relationship with them. Do you see yourself in this situation as well?

    If yes, let's RISE UP. We are awesome parents and as Long as we show balance in the way we raise our kids, we will never lose our kids to bad behaviour and the "new discipline" of this millennium could be a good one. How do we achieve this? There is no fix formula for this folks but let's share some ideas shall we? I hope some of you parents can share some ideas too.

    1. Have regular conversations with kids that are not directly connected to school work. Talk about your good  experiences in life. Talk about great leaders, strength, perseverance and success. Follow a role model as a family. Try your level best to not make this academic.

    2. Regular outings and activities that you pick up as a family and learn. Some examples could be Canoeing, golfing, Bowling, etc. Get competitive when you need to, and share experiences and stories of sportsmanship. Activities are a winner when it comes to raising kids with great values. Let me stress this. Don't just send your kids for course, learn with them.

    3. Pick a good book with great values. Everyone reads a different kind of book and on a designated book club evening, share your learnings and understanding of your findings. Simple exercise that brings a family together.

    There are plenty more folks. We got to take charge in this matter. Remember the day they were born, when we held their little bodies in our hands. Remember the words we said and the promises we made? Let's renew them and start over. Let's form a community of great parents.

    From the Desk of Gabriel Suppiah

  • It is Sad

    It is sad to see what society has become.

    It is sad to see parents chasing after their children exams after exams, grades after grades.

    It is sad to see the conversations at family gatherings become yet another place for added pressure on upcoming exams or discussion on results.

    It is sad to see that children are afraid to face exams, instead of taking them on. It is sad to see that children stop going to parents for exciting conversations, but rather conversations on homework and tuition.

    It is sad to see that children stop being curious and start hating to learn.

    It’s time. It’s time to reflect upon ourselves, as a parent, as a relative, as a parent-friend, as an educator, as a community. Your children start going to school and all the fears and anxiety begin in all of us parents. The sad part is that the kids feel the anxiety and stress too. It starts here and we can make a choice to do things differently right now.

    Parents, we cannot do the same things the same way a thousand times and expect a different result. It’s time to do things differently. Educators, the world is changing rapidly. It's time for us to change too, to prepare our children of today for the world of tomorrow.

    Written by: Sheralin See