Upcoming Education Technology Solution

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Education technology has become a major focus in the world of education. Almost every student in school has access to some kind of technology be it a phone, tablet or a laptop.

From textbooks to digital books, from whiteboards to interactive smartboards, from classrooms to Zoom calls, from homework to Learning Management Systems. Technology has been a driving force in classrooms and educators will agree that digitising learning has made their lives easier.

We have explored different types of education technology. The main reason we have stopped using them is because we realised that it did not help the students much. We know that learning is a change in behaviour as a result of an experience. So, what behaviour changes have we actually seen so far?

Or better yet… what is the entire student’s experience when they use the tool?

The Missing Gadget – Focus on the Experience

Experiences change behaviour. Hence, we have to focus on providing the best, most thought-provoking experiences for the students. This should be the bulk of the work an educator has to do. It starts with helping them make sense out of learning. The combination of authentic learning and social interactions will activate their motivation to learn.

Let’s Flip will be the mobile application that will shift the entire concept of education. It brings the practicality and experience of education back into learning.


By adopting the pedagogy of Authentic Learning and Phenomenon-based Learning, of course!

We want to motivate our learners through the point system gamification. It creates a less stressful environment to succeed. Social media collaboration allows us to connect students around the world through learning. The world needs to be prepared to shine a light on authentic learning. That’s the future of education!

The Missing Superpower – Assemble the Technologies

When we say it is time to make your child feel like a superhero, we really mean the child is going to be a superhero. Therefore, he’s going to need a Home of Superheroes. A place where he meets others just like him, trains with cool gadgets and a tool to help with his organisation.

ScoreCampus.com will be the next great chapter in the education evolution. This is because we’ll be using technologies to connect students around the world through learning.

We heard from the students themselves. They had three requests.

Allow us to make friends. Listen to our ideas. Make learning fun, simple and useful.

The Students

ScoreCampus.com will do just that for them.

With multiple social media platforms focusing mainly for adults, it is time to focus on the students.

Technology is not going anywhere; it is one powerful asset when we use it right!