We Guide Your Child To Their Potential.
In All Areas Of Life.

Score Campus is an after-school enrichment centre focused on nurturing children to the best version of themselves – in school, at home, and in society.
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"After a year with Score Campus, I saw a tremendous improvement in my son's attitude. He is now more mature and has a positive learning attitude."
– Nicole Kow, Mother of Aydan

Why Score Campus?
Most educators can prepare your child for success in school. We prepare them for success in life.
We show them that life is all about learning, embracing opportunities to grow, and becoming a better version of oneself. With this mindset, anyone can conquer any obstacle and emerge a champion.
What Parents Are Saying
Theodore lacked confidence and social skills. Physically, he had poor motor skills and fell sick often.

The coaches gave some advice on health tips which he followed through with at home. He would tell me things like: “Coach said I shouldn’t eat too much rice at night.” This surprised me. Theodore also went through their sports programme. Today, he is focused and follows instructions during sports. He works with his team and tries his best. Winning or losing isn’t a problem. I’m very happy with Theodore’s improvements. Thank you coaches!

Keisha has been in Score Campus since Day 1. She has blossomed into a confident leader.

She has learned to take ownership of tasks and responsibilities assigned to her. The skills and insights she has gained through Campus has not only empowered  her but has also equipped her with the tools to handle challenges with resilience and determination. One aspect that particularly stands out for me is Keisha’s ability to make friends from all walks of life. This has opened her up socially and has also allowed her to create a diverse network of friendships.

With Score Campus, I was looking for my children to become independent, resilient, and motivated.

I first enrolled my kids in Campus because of the attractive activities they have. After 3 years with them, I can say that I love what they focus on.
With the teachings instilled, my 3 kids are now more responsible for their own learning.
The coaches understand that every child is different and learns at their own pace. They give children a choice, let them shine, and praise them when they do well.

Eddy and Hidayah
Our Flagship Camp: The Next Level
Watch: Children Share About How The Next Level Camp Changed Their Lives
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More than 15,000 participants from over 100 cities have experienced the camp and love it!

The Score Campus Process
Listen, Understand, Relate
Understand where your child is at academically, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Identify key areas for improvement. Figure out achievable goals and a step-by-step plan on how to reach them.

In 3 months, our son went from an angry and violent to a happy child with a better character. Within a year, he began to show interest in his studies. Throughout the 2 year at Campus, all his results has improved at least 2 grades.

Dad of Clifton & Clifford
With personalised coaching and an agile learning environment, Score Campus instills lifelong habits for transformative growth.

“Score Campus has taught me how to develop my communication skills and confidence. I’m really grateful for what I’ve learned here. Campus made me the person that I am today.”

Samantha An
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