Score Campus' Camps & Trainings
2-hour to week-long programmes
Designed to ignite and inspire change in youths
The First Step Workshop
Worried about your child's bad habits and lack of motivation?

Sleeping late, waking up groggy, endlessly snacking, and too many hours spent in front of screens – you name it, we have worked with children and families to resolve it.

After this 2-hour workshop, you and your child will walk away with:
1. Proven strategies to transform bad habits into positive ones. 
2. Tools to inspire motivation and a desire for self-improvement. 
3. Techniques to foster a healthier, more optimistic attitude towards life. 

Fee: $25 per family

The Next Level Camp

Our flagship camp, The Next Level, is a 7-day camp designed to take children away from the technology and noise of their daily lives – so they can look within themselves, get motivated, and build positive habits.

Classroom Without Walls

Our 4-day, entrepreneurship-focused camp was designed to support students in the development of real-world business skills. From video production projects to managing their own art exhibition, students work together and learn about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Custom Programmes & Camps For Non-Locals

Score Campus works with organisations from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and more

Want to bring our camp to your school or organisation?
Our programmes also offer:
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